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Dogs are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole -------- Roger Caras

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We have been  Golden Retriever enthusiasts for 24 years.  In a very limited breeding program we've been successful at breeding healthy,  structurally sound, athletic dogs that possess the true golden temperament.  Our dogs have excelled in the fields of conformation, obedience, agility and as hunting companions.   Our goal is to place dogs in homes where they are members of the family first and performance dogs second. 

We would like to publicly acknowledge and thank all the wonderful people who have given our puppies loving homes.  We are eternally grateful for the commitment they've made to provide safe and loving environments for our goldens to live.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts:

  John & Jackie McCollum, The Bill Selander Family, Ann & William Jones, Larry & Sherry Benaroya, The Matt Keller Family, Glorene Hanson, The Richard Weinman Family, Brad Meryhew, Steve Wolf, The Alan Anderson Family, Bonnie  & John Valadez, The Randy Ketchem Family, The Don Turner Family, Dana & Rick Adell, The Rodger Smith Family, Mark & Karen Eisenstadt, The Robert Hayter Family, The Dan Delanger Family, The Redding Family, Dr. & Mrs. Harry Cotler, Cammy & Scott Taylor, Amy Rosling-Johnson, The John Bauer Family,  The Pat Foley Family, The Dr. Guy Ingrim Family, Laurie Cantone, The King's, The Metzler Family, Dr. Neil Tiezsen & Family, Dr. Mary Horan, Karen McGaffey, David & Carol Jensen (Alaska Petography).



Our Mission

We are committed to preserving the health and welfare of our breed. We adhere to the strictest of breeding practices. All of the dogs used in our breeding program are examined by licensed veterinarians and specialists. All receive health clearances from The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) and Board Certified Cardiologists before they are used in our breeding program.  Pet puppies are sold under spay and neuter contracts with an AKC Limited Registration.


About Us

Ellen purchased her first golden in 1980.  Thus began the love affair with these wonderful dogs.........  All of our dogs are an integral part of our lives.  Until 2000, with the addition of our two-legged daughter Emily, the dogs were our children.  Emily has become their constant companion and soul-mate.  We hope that she will someday continue our legacy of love.

We are very proud and feel very fortunate to have Rush Hill Golden Retrievers as the foundation and heritage of our breeding program.  The dogs you see on the following pages are fine examples of all the years of dedication and hard work that Tonya has given to our breed.  Our sincerest admiration and deepest gratitude to Tonya for all that she has given us.  Through the gifts of our wonderful dogs, the gifts of her invaluable advice and guidance, and most of all the gift of her friendship, Tonya has helped us establish a breeding program that we are very proud of.

To Kirby, Rebel, Hailey, Skye, and all the Rush Hill dogs that have proven themselves in their will never be forgotten. 


Ellen and Scott Menshew

Members of:

    Golden Retriever Club of America (GRCA)

    Evergreen Golden Retriever Club (EGRC)


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We are more than willing to talk with you if you have any specific questions or concerns about goldens in general, or anything contained in this website. We welcome your inquiries and we are willing to assist you in any way that we can with information about our beloved breed.

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